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Friday, 08 January 2016 00:00

National Task Force against Trafficking in Persons (NTFATP)

Carol Palmer, Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Justice, Chairperson
Keshia West, Manager, Trafficking In Persons Secretariat
Damion Wilson, Chairman, Prevention Sub-Committee

Human Trafficking was defined as a criminal offence in which adults and children are held and traded for compelled labour and sexual exploitation.
NTFATP’s efforts included:-

Establishment of a specialized unit at the JCF.
Placement of a Senior Prosecutor who handles all Human Trafficking cases.
On-going training for JCF and judiciary system personnel.
Shelter for victims.
Educational campaigns in schools and communities.

The NTFATP suggested that the media’s contribution could involve the following:-
Facilitate programmes for discussions, PSAs and publication of articles on Human Trafficking.
Promote Government activities.
Strengthen partnerships.
Investigative journalism.
Newscasts, interviews, docudramas and diverse stories.

The media suggested that the NTFATP could seek out victims who are willing to do interviews keeping their identity confidential, liaise with media houses to set up programs and invite the media to cover their events.

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